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Love Story Photoshoot with William Leblanc

Love Story Photoshoot with William Leblanc

We are honestly at a loss for words for how this shoot turned out! Sometimes everything just comes together to make magic and that is exactly what happened on Dec 12th.

We were totally excited about the shoot from the start. We love the look of a winter photoshoot, which also fits the look of our laid-back bride. After meeting with William Leblanc (not just a photographer- clearly an artist) who shared his vision of a winter wonderland, grim fairy tale-like photoshoot, we were 100% on board. We couldn’t wait to share some images of Will’s inspiration with our models (Krystal and Sam) and the lovely ladies of Strut Spalontique for hair and make-up, so they could see what they were getting themselves into!

Leading up to the photoshoot, we feared we might have to reschedule due to the snowstorm Sunday night into Monday morning. Fortunately, we were just slightly delayed. Everyone braved the weather, which helped make this shoot that much more fantastic!

William Leblanc’s final images will leave you speechless, but seeing the behind the scenes shots will help you appreciate how talented he is that much more. He is so creative, and an incredible artist. The models even posed without a prop, which he was able to add in through editing.

Kaitlin, Mollie, and Angela from Strut killed it! They gave the models the perfect dark, avant-garde look we were going for. Krystal and Sam, you guys are rockstars! How amazing is this close up?!

We were also lucky enough for Ivy and Aster to send us some bridal gowns specifically for the shoot. They paired so beautifully with the woodsy scenery in Peebles Island State Park. They truly show how you can have a fairy tale winter wonderland wedding in a bridal gown at a modest price point. 

Love how romantic this shot of Krystal is. Her coloring looked amazing with that gown, and the long sleeves are the perfect fit. And… That make-up!!

We love everything about this shot- that illusion back, Sam’s mysterious expression, the industrial bridge, the snow- it’s incredible!

We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome of this shoot! Thank you so much to William Leblanc, Kaitlin, Angela, and Mollie from Strut Spalontique, models Krystal and Sam, and Ivy and Aster! We are so excited for our new year to come. Visit our website to see all of our upcoming events.


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