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Dress Shopping 101

Dress shopping is one of the most exciting moments for Brides, but can also be very intimidating! We want to help guide you from start to finish, as stylists, a bridal shop, and alterations studio, we have your back!
In the meantime, check out these questions and pointers we have before you start your wedding dress ventures!
  • What is your vision? 
    How do you envision yourself and your day, and can you be open minded if what you thought doesn't end up working for you? Talk to your consultant about the overall vibe and feeling of your event. Talk to us about your venue, your flowers, colors etc.

  • What do you think will look flattering on me?
    Even if a gown doesn't catch your eye on the hanger, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't look amazing on you. Be open to what your consultant thinks will flatter you—it might be different than what you pictured! 

  • Did you know some designers will make customizations? 
    If you’re concerned you're not quite finding what it is you're looking for, but it could be a simple tweak, ask the shop consultant what designers offer customization options are! A lot of designers have construction, color or fabric options At the very least, it will help point your consultant in the right direction.

  • Be comfortable with discussing price point, especially if it is important to you - speak freely, it's the consultants intention to keep you at a price point where you feel most comfortable, there is no judgement.  Weddings are expensive and everyone prioritizes their wedding day budget differently. If the consultant knows it's important to stay within a price point your appointment will be so much more productive.

    • What is the price range of your gowns?
      It's important for not only your consultant to know your budget, but for you to know what the price point of the salon is! You want to shop where you feel comfortable price point wise, there is nothing worse than putting on THE ONE and finding out it's way over your budget!

    • When do I need to put my order in for this designer?
      Did you know the average timeframe a designer needs for a gown is 6-10 months?!  But each designer is different, and it's crucial to know that window when ordering your gown. You also need to add time for alterations which typically take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. So that there is no pressure on waiting for your dress, a year out is a good time to order your dress. However, if you do not have that time there are a lot of other options.  A rush fee, to ‘jump the que’ in production, which could be anywhere from $200 to $400, depending on the designer. Or purchasing a sample gown.

    •  Do you offer alterations?
      Most shops don't include alterations in the cost of your gown, so factor them in before committing to a dress. At our shop we have a flat rate fee, so their on no surprise expenses when you come for alterations


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