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Vintage Romance finds downtown Troy

Ti Adora #7650  Ivory $1,247.50

I couldn’t help but feel like an ethereal fairy princess in this gown. Ignore the fact that I personally had to wear massive heels and was hoping the owner of the purple door didn’t open it to find me standing there clipping myself into said dress; I still felt like I was floating around in a work of art.

Underneath the layers of English net, is a soft layer of lace that you can appreciate up close. The A-line silhouette is flattering for every body type and allows it to just flow naturally. There is no stiffness or abundance of volume on the bottom. I do love how the top compliments the movement of the lower half by having a bit more structure to it. This dress is all about a soft, subtle balance.

 The sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps add another delicate touch to this dress. The thin straps meet in the back and cross. I personally love the sheer lace detail on the back, this dress has so many touches of the net overlay complimenting the lace that it’s not overpowering in either fabric. I will never hate a fitted and flattering bodice with the romantic and soft bottom. Speaking as a 5’2 woman with a small frame up top, perhaps I’m biased, but I’ve also dressed many a bride and it can do no wrong in my book. Putting it on I was able to really notice and admire each and every feature.
The versatility of this dress may be what I love most; I can visualize a bride in a beautiful garden with butterflies floating by, in the ballroom of an old mansion with bundles of flowers cascading down like a waterfall, or underneath a handcrafted arbor with the sunset coming down across the lake behind her and the groom. No matter what the scenery, always romantic. And that is really what a wedding is.


Ti Adora #7651 Ivory | Cashmere
Worn with Ti Adora #651J Ivory $500

So don’t judge me, but I was dying for my boss to tell me she wanted new dresses for the blog so I could find an excuse to rock this jacket with the bell sleeves. I know, I know, it’s just a jacket- not even a wedding gown. The dress with the matching lace was pretty fabulous itself, even alone. I felt like a rockstar that was eloping in a beautiful forest and you’d see my ceremony pictures featured in a bridal magazine spread. That being said, my coworker, Brooke (amateur photographer extraordinaire) and I took full advantage of the local record shop, The River Street Beat Shop, and snagged some photos at their location.  The sleeves on the jacket are one of the most stunning uses of sheer English net I’ve ever seen. They cascade down your arms beautifully and have such a soft feel and yet make such an impact. The lace detail is perfect, if I could I would find an excuse to wear every day and get my earth goddess on. I like to think the poster of ‘Ol Blue Eyes himself would approve of the summer wind that came blowin’ in when I was posing in this piece.  The dress itself I’m in love with, this bold lace that is consistent across the entire piece is phenomenal. This may not have the transition of fabrics like the previous gown, but this one is all about the focus of the one texture. The continuous, almost crocheted lace, catches your eye but doesn’t steal the attention away from the bride. I like bold attire that still allows the bride to shine. Aesthetics aside, that thicker lace allows means it’s a flattering fit and disguises any areas we may not be too fond of. Smooth, clean, trumpet fit stuns all the way down to the floor.

Yet again, Ti Adora nails it with the details. The straps have the lace appliques down the back and they also allow you to cross them in back for an added touch. Still thin and weightless, but just the right amount of spark. Oh, did I mention the buttons that trail all the way from the top of the zipper back all the way down to the edge of the train? Get ready for this- you don’t even have to loop each one. They’re decorative and cover the oh so functional and ever loving zipper. Your bridesmaids thank you. The train is also the perfect length without being too much, especially for the bohemian bride. I think it’s safe to say she’s probably not aiming for the Princess Di look. 

Sidenotes: This dress speaks for itself in person, I sold it to one of my brides the day after we took these shots. It was practically made for her, Ti Adora even reposted the picture of her trying it on via Instagram (sans identity of course; she still needs to surprise her groom and wow him as she walks down the aisle in this beauty)! Huge thank you to our fellow local businesses for letting us play around with their storefronts to get the right shots to showcase these gowns! Especially The River Street Beat Shop for not only letting us hang out in front with their super cool doors, but letting us come in and take pictures too! I’ll be back to pick up some vinyls when I’m not in a full blown wedding gown. Shop local!

            xoxox, Skye







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