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Ready to say 'yes' to the dress? Here's what you need to know..

Ready to say 'yes' to the dress? Here's what you need to know..


Alright brides, has anyone ever imagined their future wedding dress? Oh right, YES! Almost every bride has at some point in their life. As bridal consultants we have worked endlessly to ensure we not only have the best curated selection of gowns for you to choose from, but to ensure this experience is everything you hoped it would be, & that you also have someone in your corner to help navigate through the sea of gowns. We like to think of ourselves as your friend more than anything. We listen to what you’re saying but also noting body language, and how you're responding to each gown. As the bridal professionals, we have come up with a few  tips and tricks we want to share with all you brides to be. Whether you’re just starting the process, or feeling uncertain what your next step will be, here are go to steps to ensure you're on the path to saying YES!


You’ve probably been dreaming about this day and have some dresses pinned on Pinterest. When you scroll through your wedding dress board (You know, the one that has been building up with images throughout the years)  just keep in mind these are just images! It’s ok to love the look book images, and not love them as much once you put them on. Allow yourself to break up with these original ideas of what you thought you were going to pick. Once you start trying gowns on, that's really when the whole picture of what your wedding day is going to come to life!


This is your wedding gown, something you more than likely have never tried on before. We HIGHLY encourage each bride to try on each silhouette, however this is your appointment and you can always say no! You won't know until you try, and worse case scenario - it has confirmed for you this is not the silhouette for you and onto the next one! You just never know what will look best until you try it on. So, be open to it all! Keeping your venue and its style in mind is helpful too. 


Getting the dress is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding process. It also has one of the biggest time restraints. Shopping a year out is KEY! It  allows the process to happen organically without any time pressures to make a decision. We always say to work backwards. Your alterations will start 8 weeks prior to your event, so you actually need your dress by then! 


A lot of brides will make multiple appointments in one day, and as much fun as it sounds, trust us it's absolutely draining for you & your crew! Overbooking yourself creates a  pressure for  you as the bride to make quick decisions because you have that next appointment & “what if”  on your mind. It also can put you in a position where you become desensitized from the process or confused on what you truly want.  We suggest limiting your appointments to one appointment a day. But still making a fun day of it!  When you have one thing on your to-do list, and that's finding THEE dress, let it happen organically. If you need time to think after your appointment, go to lunch, spend time with the special women in your life! This is a once in a lifetime experience for you!


Of course there are many special people  in your life, but we recommend one to three people when wedding dress shopping. Bring those whose opinion you truly value and the people you want to share that special day with. If it's important that Mom is there for you when you say ‘yes’ to the dress, make sure mom is at your appointment! And if they can’t make it, bring the ipad and put as many people as you need on facetime! 


It’s going to be all about how you feel. When you look in the mirror, what do you feel? When you don’t want to take the dress off, that’s the one! Trust yourself and your gut will guide you through the process. Sometimes it’s the first dress you tried on, sometimes it's the first appointment. There probably won't be tears, or maybe you and your crew have the waterworks! Every bride is different. Here are our go to questions we ask a bride that will help you navigate the process…


  • How do I truly feel in this dress?
  • Is there anything about this dress that I would want to change?
  • Is there anything about this dress that makes me have negative thoughts? About myself? About the wedding day? Any negative thoughts AT ALL??
  • Can I imagine walking to the love of my life in this dress?
  • Do I want to take this dress off? Or just live in it for the rest of my life?
  • Does any other dress matter compared to this one

Always remember to have fun. There may be appointments  when you walk away feeling a little defeated but just remember that just means the one is out there waiting for you!  Nothing will compare to the feeling when you say, YES to the dress. This process is supposed to be fun and exciting, allow it to stay that way! Just remember, if you want to waltz around the store in it for about 45 minutes, then that’s a good sign!


The Wedding Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of: Bridal Separates

The Wedding Trend We Can’t Get Enough Of: Bridal Separates

In the bridal world, we’re conditioned to say the word “dress.” Appointment after appointment you’ll hear consultants ask a bride which types of dresses she’s interested in, all the way through to the inevitable question, “Are you saying yes to this dress?”

But as weddings evolve and our brides come in looking for something more nontraditional, there’s room for new trends to fill up the racks –and that’s why we’re loving bridal separates.

bridal separates

Bridal separates, matching a top with a bottom of your choice, allow for brides to get creative and invent a look that is completely unique to them. Our favorite designers have added separates to their collections with a variety of skirts, tops and accessories to serve this new market, making a perfect fit for the formal or the boho bride.

Bridal separates

What we love about the separates trend:

It doesn’t have to be a crop top

A lot of brides think picking out two separate pieces means they’re going to have to show some skin. While that’s certainly an option (and often how it appears on the hanger or mannequin), the tops can be tucked into the skirt to create a seamless look similar to that of a dress. Adding an accessory like a belt can also tie the pieces together so no one knows the behind-the-scenes details of the “dress” but you.

At the same time, leaving some intentional space between the top and the bottom of your separates is a totally tasteful, sexy way to spice up your wedding day attire–especially with trends like high necks and sleeves keeping you covered up in other areas. If a bride feels confident rocking the crop top, we say go for it.

Bridal separates

Comfort is key

With a lot of brides moving away from super formal weddings, venues like barns, farms and open fields are becoming a lot more popular. So, for a bride who’s considering an outdoor wedding, comfort becomes a major factor in the decision making. You’ll need the ability to move around freely and not have to worry about all of nature’s elements that will latch on to your dress.

bridal separates

Bridal separate skirts tend to fit closer to the body, are extremely lightweight and don’t always include a train. That way, you’ll be moving around in style with the shoes of your choice. (You’d be surprised how many outdoor brides decide to go barefoot these days).

It’s totally your own
If you’ve ever said, “I love this top, I just wish it had a different bottom,” while trying on gowns, separates are your solution –allowing you to play designer right from the fitting room. What if you fall in love with two styles and wish you had the budget for multiple dresses? Buy a piece from different collections and put them together for your own customized look.

bridal separates

Brides who are wiling to take a risk and step out of the traditional meaning of a bridal gown end up patting themselves on the back for the creativity it takes to put together the finished product. You can almost guarantee no other bride out there will have the same look –and that’s pretty cool since it is your special day, after all.

bridal separates

Think you’re on board with the separates trend yet? Check out the fall 2017 lines from designers like Willowby by Watters, and book an appointment with us at Love Story to try on our featured separates in-store.